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The cannabis industry is booming in Canada, the United States and around the world. Over the next decade, medical cannabis consumption is estimated to grow to approximately 500,000 patients with a total market value of more than 2 billion in Canada. Adding to these numbers is the potential of recreational marijuana, a staggering $10 billion business opportunity that smart money could start capitalizing on now. South of the border, the U.S. cannabis market is the fastest-growing industry with a strong double digit compound annual growth rate. According to Forbes, as well as other sources, it is projected that the cannabis market could reach 20 billion as soon as 2020 and exceed 50 billion by year 2025 in the United States.

Your Domain Name

Acquiring a strong domain name is of utmost importance to harvest the profits of what is seen by most as a once in a lifetime opportunity. A domain is a high value asset that your business can hold onto for years as an incredible marketing tool. Since cannabis legislation is still unfolding or may change in the future, this last statement would be particularly meaningful if marijuana advertising campaigns became highly regulated like the tobacco industry. As a general guideline, a strong domain name can be purchased from an aftermarket reseller in the $1000 to $5000 range and the price skyrockets for popular domains. For instance, was sold to WeedMaps for $4.2 million in 2011.

The best domain names are not too long, easy to remember and search engine friendly using strong keywords. If you are creative and willing to invest a fair amount of time, the cheapest way to acquire a non-owner domain is through a certified registrar like Namecheap. It is important to highlight that most of the best domain names are already taken and are potentially in the hands of the competition or owned by aftermarket resellers. Aftermarket domain names sold by resellers are called premium domains. To get a feel for domain appraisal, search the database of sold domains provided free of charge by Namebio.

Our Offer
As resellers of premium marijuana domain names, we spend a lot of time following the industry trends and selling promising domain names at competitive prices. Our premium domain names can be purchased securely using the Sedo or Afternic networks, the two most prestigious platforms for buying aftermarket domains. Sedo is a global market leader with more than 2 million customers from over 150 countries. Sedo provides a powerful search engine available directly from this website. For its part, Afternic is regarded as the largest full service domain marketplace, listing more than 5 million domains ready to be sold.

Take a look at our premium marijuana domain names to find a good match with your business. Click on the domain name to get more information and secure your domain now.

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